Young Leopard Gecko Shed Box Clinic by Julie Bergman

An important component of a young leopard gecko's terrarium is a moist shed box they can go in and do their shedding. Without this their skin will get stuck on their heads, eyes and toes, resulting in possible loss and/or infection. Here's a cheap and easy way to make nice shed box for them.

First, I use a Superior Shipping Supplies "cheap" 8oz deli cup, turn it upside down, cut a "door" into it, then moisten it.

Then I take a few Shop Towel strips and put them in.

Put the lid on:

And turn it upside down!

Presto, a moist hide. I spray to moisten every couple days and change out the paper as necessary, or just toss it and replace it with a new one. Simple, and takes care of moisture-related shed problems. I keep these off the heat tapes I used in my juvenile rack drawer system as the paper towels dry up too quickly there. I set them up a cup with a door and turn it upside down for them, just like above without the lid and paper towels, and place it on the heat tape section so they can go in there and be warm and feel secure if they like.