Species List

Listed below you will find species of geckos that Julie is working with currently or has worked with in the past.

These are their scientific names, with the common name in parenthesis. Please note that common names could have been used to describe several varying species therefore it's important to learn the right scientific name of the gecko(s) you are interested in. Julie and Gecko Ranch want you to understand how important it is to know exactly what species of gecko you are interested in learning about/acquiring. The more informed you are about the exact gecko you want, the higher the success rate of having a happy, healthy, long-living pet.


32 species and subspecies

Species in the genus Phelsuma are commonly referred to as day geckos.

  • Phelsuma andamanensis (Andaman Islands day gecko)
  • Phelsuma astriata astriata (Seychelles day gecko)
  • Phelsuma abotti chekei (Cheke's day gecko)
  • Phelsuma borbonica agalegae (Agalega day gecko)
  • Phelsuma barbouri (Barbour's day gecko)
  • Phelsuma cepediana (blue-tailed day gecko)
  • Phelsuma comorensis
  • Phelsuma dubia (dull day gecko)
  • Phelsuma flavigularis (yellow-throated day gecko)
  • Phelsuma guimbeaui guimbeaui (Mauritius lowland forest day gecko)
  • Phelsuma hielscheri
  • Phelsuma klemmeri (yellow-headed day gecko)
  • Phelsuma grandis
  • Phelsuma m. madagascariensis (Madagascar day gecko)
  • Phelsuma laticauda angularis
  • Phelsuma laticauda laticauda (gold dust day gecko)
  • Phelsuma lineata bombetokensis (past)
  • Phelsuma lineata chloroscelis
  • Phelsuma lineata lineata
  • Phelsuma nigristriata (Island day gecko) (past)
  • Phelsuma ornata ornata (Ornate day gecko)
  • Phelsuma quadriocellata lepida
  • Phelsuma quadriocellata quadriocellata (four spot day gecko)
  • Phelsuma robertmertensi (Robert Mertens' day gecko)
  • Phelsuma seippi (Seipp's day gecko) (past)
  • Phelsuma serraticauda (flat-tailed day gecko)
  • Phelsuma standingi (Standing day gecko)
  • Phelsuma sundbergi ladiguensis (La Digue day gecko)
  • Phelsuma v-nigra comoraegrandensis (Grand Comoro day gecko)
  • Phelsuma v-nigra undescribed species
  • Phelsuma v-nigra v-nigra
  • Phelsuma v-nigra pasteuri (Pasteur's day gecko)

Want List

  • Phelsuma barbouri - Females
  • Phelsuma cepediana - Any
  • Phelsuma guttata - Any
  • Phelsuma dubia(Tanzanian) - Males
  • Phelsuma laticauda angularis - Any
  • Phelsuma modesta isakae - Any
  • Phelsuma seippi - Females
  • Phelsuma robertmertensi - Males
  • Phelsuma serraticuada - Any
  • Coleonyx brevis - Males
  • Coleonyx elegans - Females

Other Madagascar Geckos

8 species

  • Blaesodactylus sakalava (Grandider's velvet gecko)
  • Paroedura pictus - normal and xanthic
  • Paroedura androyensis
  • Paroedura vazimba
  • Uroplatus ebenaui (Spearpoint leaf-tail gecko)
  • Uroplatus lineatus
  • Uroplatus phantasticus (Satanic leaf-tailed gecko)
  • Uroplantus sikorae (Mossy tail-leafed gecko) (past)

Australian Geckos

4 species

  • Oedura castelnaui (northern velvet gecko)
  • Oedura monilis (ocellated velvet gecko)
  • Nephrurus levis levis (smooth knob-tail gecko)
  • Underwoodisaurus milli (thick-tailed or barking gecko) (past)

New Caledonian Geckos

4 species

  • Rhacodactylus ariculatus (gargoyle gecko)
  • Rhacodactylus ciliatus (crested or eyelash gecko)
  • Rhacodactylus chahoua (mossy prehensile-tailed gecko)
  • Rhacodactylus leachianus (Gran Terre and Pine Island forms)

Leopard Geckos

  • Eublepharis macularius (leopard gecko) - albinos, normals, high yellows, "designers" (tangerines, lavendars, leucisistics, stripes, jungles, you name it!)


  • Blue Tongued Skinks- Tiliqua gigias
  • T. scincoides intermedia
  • scincoides scincoides
  • "Rankin's Dragon" Pogona brevis