NARBC Tinley Park, March 14 th and 15th, is our next show!

PLEASE NOTE: On vacation until 2-18-20. Orders will be shipped upon my return. Inquiries will be answered when I have internet access, thank you for your patience! Scroll down to the bottom of this page for a brief stock list.

Visits to our Burlington location are by appointment only
Additional hours available!

Repashy Superfoods

Repashy Full Line Authorized Dealer.

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Pangea Gecko Diets

Authorized Pangea Dealer.

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Available Day Geckos

Captive bred Phelsuma Day Geckos.

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Available Crested Geckos

Captive bred Crested Geckos.

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Available Mossy New Caledonian Geckos

Captive bred Mniarogekko chahoua.

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Available New Caledonian Giant Geckos

Captive bred Rhacodactylus leachianus.

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Available Leopard Geckos

Captive bred Eublepharis macularius.

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Available Micro Geckos

Captive bred Viper Geckos (Hemidactylus imbricatus).

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Gecko Ranch Gear

Custom printed t-shirts.

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Gecko Ranch Mission Statement

To provide education, quality captive bred geckos and related husbandry supplies to customers. Gecko Ranch customers are supported from time of purchase throughout the life of the gecko and benefit from my over 25yrs of working with 80+ species of geckos!

To specialize in captive propagation of rare and endangered Phelsuma (Day Geckos).

To continually strive to attain the cutting edge of gecko husbandry by attending symposiums, conducting research and freely sharing any knowledge obtained.

Gecko Ranch Geckos have been placed at prestigous zoological facilities including: New York Hall of Science, San Antonio Zoo, Dallas Fort-Worth Zoo, San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, and Palm Springs Living Desert Museum.